Hair Care Tips

Congratulations on making the first step into investing in yourself. Although you have purchased luxury hair there are a few extra steps required to keep the integrity of your precious locks, if followed correctly you can expect your  bundles to last about 1-3 years! Please note that frontal's and closure's do not last as long as a result of the hair strands being attached to a thin lace material; with daily manipulation and styling it is prone to shedding. Please be advised that a frontal can last anywhere from two weeks to 6 months, but again this all depends on your maintenance. We want you to understand that wigs ARE NOT to be worn for an excessive amount of time, and should taken off once a week or when your adhesive starts to lift ( 1-2 weeks) if you exceed this recommend time frame, you can damage the lace of your wig. If for some reason you do want to wear your wig for long periods at a time, we recommend buying multiple wigs at a time to rotate. Rotating your wigs will increase longevity of each wig because you have the time to properly remove, wash and condition each wig.

Recommend hair products ; Pantene , OGX ( Organics) , Moroccan oil , Herbal Essence, Garnier Fructis, Marc Anthony,  Ion , Schwarzkopf, Silicone mix treatment.

  Here are some key tips that we recommend you follow

1)Once you’ve installed your wig please allow 24 hours to past before getting your lace wet. All adhesive take about a day to fully cure and stick to the skin. Any excessive sweating , water, heat will cause your wig to lift.

2) You must be very gentle when detangling your hair.  Always detangle from tips to the roots. Use a paddle brush , wide tooth comb, or boar bristle brush to remove any knots or tangles. Daily detangling is strongly recommended.

3) We recommend to wash your wig/ bundles once a week followed up with a deep condition. Wash the hair in a downwards motion, with lukewarm water, do not bunch or ball up the this will result to tangling. Shampoo up to two times until all product build up is removed. After your satisfied with the wash follow up with a good deep conditioner. Let the conditioner sit on the hair from 30 minutes – 1 hour. When washing out the conditioner use lukewarm – cold water to close up the cuticles, rise out again in a downwards motion.

4)Towel dry or air dry your hair, adding a light serum in the process boosts the moisture level and protects your extensions. If you choose to use a blow drier please use heat protectant. Start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. 

5)When heat styling use a heat protection, do not use an excessive amount as it will weight down the hair. Recommend heat setting should be between 350 degrees celsius – 400 degrees celsius.
6)Tie down the lace area with a satin silk head wrap at night for extra security and do not just sleep on the hair it will cause tangling. Always use a silk bonnet or scarf to prevent tangling and drying your hair out.

7)For our wavy- curlier hair patterns  follow steps 1-6, spritz  at night and braid the hair into sections to prevent tangling. The wash and go method is the best way to keep the waves/ curls defined.

8)First you’ll spray/wet the hair then a good amount of conditioner. After this step you must detangle the hair using either a Denman brush, paddle brush, or wide tooth comb, apply mousse. Lastly coat the hair with a light serum / light oil for added shine. Another alternative is a curl  defining cream.

9)When detangling the way/ curly patterns use a Denman brush / paddle brush/ wide tooth comb and start from tips to roots.

Like your natural hair, extensions will frizz or puff up in humidity and salt water.